Resin Enhanced Wax Ribbon YD919
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How to Protect Your Thermal Transfer Printer’s Printhead?

Thermal Transfer Printing is a popular printing method in most industries; It is used to transfer ink from a ribbon onto a substrate. The printhead is a very important and valuable component in your Thermal Transfer Printer. By using a high-qualit...

Which ribbon type do I need?

There are three main types of ribbon formulations to choose from, depending upon your application and the material you wish to print on: Wax Ribbons(YD106 standard wax and YD182 premium wax ribbons) are coated with wax-based ink, requiring a low m...

Why We Choose Different Ribbons for Flat-head and Near-edge Printers?

There have two types of print head: “Flat” and “Near-Edge”, so there are two types of thermal ribbon accordingly. To get very acceptable printing effects, you must match your thermal transfer printer with the correct thermal transfer ribbon! For e...

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