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  • XJ Hot Ink Roller

    Hot ink rolls are the special foam rolls which are loaded with the hot-melt ink.They are used for marking the information such as expiration date,weight or price onto the product packing.XJ Hot Ink Roller is our standard hot ink roll.XJ Hot Ink Roller can create the clear images with good adhesion and excellent abrasion resistance,it’s the economical and efficient choice for commercial and industry package labeling.

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  • XF Hot Ink Roller

    Hot ink rolls are special foam rolls that are loaded with hot-melt ink. They are used for marking information such as expiration date, weight, or price onto the product packing.XF hot ink roller is our premium ink roll. It has superior adhesion and abrasion resistance, With the upgraded foam roll, the XF hot ink roll offers sharper printing images and longer service time comparing to the standard ink roll. It’s available in black, white blue, and red.

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