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Wax / Resin Ribbon YD183

Some of the most common uses for our Premium Wax Ribbon YD183 include shipping carton labels, bar code labels, mailing labels, various product packaging, and textile and clothes labels, we bring you thermal transfer ribbons direct from the manufacturer with the best possible combination in quality and price.
We mainly produce thermal transfer ribbons for bar code printers, all sizes can as request. We have wax,wax-resin, resin thermal transfer ribbons. This Premium Wax Ribbon YD183 is used in coated paper, synthetic paper.

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The Normal Sizes as below :

Ribbon Width
Ribbon Length
Any other sizes can be customized according to your need.

Product Parameters
YD183 is our premium resin enhanced wax TTR.It’s the upgrade version of YD182,and has the highest attributes in its group.Shortly after introduced into the globe market,it has quickly become our bestselling TTR.

Total Thickness 7.1 ± 0.3 um
Ink Thickness 2.6 ± 0.2 um
Ink Melting Point 80℃
Static ≤ 0.04kv
Available Color black
Recommended Substrate Paper, Synthetics
Compatible Printers zebra,Sato,Intermec,TSC,Datamax,Averay,CAB,Argon,Toshiba TEC,etc
Recommended Applications shipping,warehouse,retail,medical,chemical,suppermarket,electronic,etc

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wax resin ribbon yd1839

wax resin ribbon yd18310

Application and After-Sales Service

Application:Semi-glossy coated paper,thermal paper,woodfree paper,kraft paper,tag stock,clothing tag,price lable Coated and uncoated paper tag and label stock synthetic paper,fluorescent paper,stained label.
High sensitivity and high density;
High transfer rate;
Clear and beautiful prints;
Low cost,stable quality;
Widely label applicability,good capability

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