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SCF900 Hot Coding Foil

SCF900 Hot Coding Foil is our premium coding foil.
SCF900 Hot Coding Foil has the best of the performance all-around,and support the printing speed up to 600 times per minute.It’s available in black,white,yellow,gold and silver.

Product Features

Hot stamping foil working with coding machine, is used for printing marks on the packages of goods, including date, price and batch number etc. The product could be used on printing on plastic bags, cards, films, adhesive tapes, leather, and cartons. They have excellent adhesion and can print legible characters. Also it is scratch resistant.
The size we can manufacture:
Ribbon width:20,25,30,35,40,45,50mm,etc
Ribbon length:100,122,183,200,300m,etc
Jumbo Roll:660mm x 6000m
If you need OEM service,just contact us!

Product Parameters

Total Thickness 23.5 ± 1.5 um
Ink Thickness 11.5 ± 1.5 um
Printing Temperature 95℃-160℃
Prunting Speed 0-600 Times/Min
Available Color black,white,yellow,gold,silver
Recommended Substrate Polyester,PET,PVC,PE,PP,PS, Aluminum,etc
Compatible Printers DY-8,HP-241,HP-30
Recommended Applications food industry,medical,supermarket,etc

Application and After-Sales Service
There are basically 3 types of coding machine available in the market:

fc3 hot coding foil7

Printing effect of SCF900 Hot Coding Foil:


fc3 hot coding foil8

Details of SCF900 Hot Coding Foil:

fc3 hot coding foil9


fc3 hot coding foil10

About our factory and SCF900 Hot Coding Foil production line:

fc3 hot coding foil11

fc3 hot coding foil12

fc3 hot coding foil13


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