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Which ribbon type do I need?


There are three main types of ribbon formulations to choose from, depending upon your application and the material you wish to print on:

Wax Ribbons(YD106 standard wax and YD182 premium wax ribbons) are coated with wax-based ink, requiring a low melting temperature. These ribbons tend to be the lowest cost option. It is recommended for coated and uncoated paper.  Good for shipping, shelf, bin, retail, and warehouse labels.

Wax/Resin Ribbons(YD183 standard wax/resin and YD919 premium wax/resin ribbons)are coated with a combination of wax and resin ink formulations. These ribbons offer a more durable print than wax ribbons. They offer superior scratch and abrasion resistance when compared to wax ribbons, but less than that of a full resin ribbon. Wax/resin ribbons are best suited for printing onto coated papers and some synthetic materials.

Resin Ribbons(YD300 resin ribbons)are made of pure resin. The transfer temperature is very high, causing the pressure to dissolve in the label, resulting in a very durable print. Resin ribbons have the highest degree of scratch, smudge, and abrasion resistance and are ideal for use on matt or gloss synthetic materials. They are the most expensive ribbon type.

Textile Resin Ribbons (YD933 wash care resin ribbons) are developed for the textile label market. It gives a very durable print that is resistant to washing, steaming, stone washing, chemical washing, and ironing.

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