Resin Enhanced Wax Ribbon YD919
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Resin Enhanced Wax Ribbon YD919

Resin enhanced premium wax ribbons which are designed for higher durable requirement labels. It has better scratch and smudge resistance at acceptable costs. Prints on a wide range of papers and labels. Back-coat technology protects the print head.

Barcode ribbons are used in thermal transfer printers to transfer the image to the thermal transfer label with heat applied from the print head. Our barcode ribbons, along with high quality wax, wax/resin and resin ribbons for use in Zebra, Sato, Intermec, Datamax and many other printers.

IF you need know more details of our Resin Enhanced Wax Ribbon YD919 or the price,just contact us!

Details Of Resin Enhanced Wax Ribbon YD919:

Products type

Thermal transfer ribbon

Brand name Startec
Place of origin

Xinxiang ,China(Mainland)

Feature Compatible
Material Wax , Resin , Wax—Resin, Enhanced wax—resin
Ribbon color Black,White,Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Grey.
Use temperature 5℃-35℃ ,45%-85% humidity
STOCKING Temperature: -5℃-40℃ ,20%-85% humidity
Transport temperature -5℃-45℃,20%-85% humidity
Width 30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm,110mm.or custom-made.
Length  74m, 90m,100m,300m,450m,600m,or as your require
Core size 1 inch , 1/2 inch
Matched label substrates Art paper barcode label , thermal barcode labels
Usage Suitable for coated paper, synthetic paper, writing paper, kraft paper,thermal paper and other material labels and so on
Packaging details Packing in rolls
Delivery Within 7-15 days upon receipt of deposit
Other OEM service is available.

The Main Kinds Of Thermal Transfer Ribbon That We Manufacture:

Item Feature Application
Wax Ribbon High sensitivity and high density;

High transfer rate;

Clear and beautiful prints;

Low cost,stable quality;

Widely label applicability,good capability


Semi-glossy coated paper,thermal paper,woodfree paper,kraft paper,paper tag,price label,shipping label
Enhanced Wax Ribbon Excellent scrath resistance and versatility;

Widely label compatibility;

High density print;

For Flat-head printers;

High quality with compatitive price.


Semi-glossy coated paper,thermal paper,woodfree paper,kraft paper,tag stock,clothing tag
Wax-Resin Ribbon High sensitivity,excellent scratch resistance;

Low print-head energy requirement;

Back-coat technology provides excellent print-head protection and anti-static properties.


Semi-glossy coated paper,thermal paper,woodfree paper,kraft paper,paper tag,price label,shipping label,clothing label,matte coated paper,PP synthetic paper,fluorescent paper,stained label.
Resin Ribbon


Excellent durability,scratch resistance,heat resistance and moisture resistance even in very bad environment; Semi-glossy coated paper,PP synthetic paper,PET,PVC,PE,etc


Washing Ribbon Washable, durable, high temperature resistance,can ironing, excellent print quality, expensive Non-woven/Washed Mark/Ribbons, trademark belt

resin enhanced wax YD919



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